Yogurt, Labneh (Yogurt Dip), Laban Drink (Ayran) Production

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Fully equipped production facilities adaptable to your needs supplied by karoun dairies s. A. L. And

Fully equipped production facilities adaptable to your needs supplied by karoun dairies s. A. L. And 4ab consulting - management consultants to produce efficiently some or all the following products and to be cip cleaned.
* pasteurized fresh milk: The fresh milk, directly cooled at the farm, is received at the dairy where it is filtered, clarified and homogenized to ensure that fat particles are dispersed equally throughout the milk thus facilitating digestion. The milk is then pasteurized then immediately cooled to eliminate all the harmful bacteria that might be present in the raw milk.
*yogurt also called laban, madzoun, raeb: Set or stirred, plain or flavored or mixed with various fruits.
*drinking laban also called tann, ayran, yogurt drink: Drinking laban is an ethnic refreshment of armenian origin.
It was initially produced by mixing an equal quantity of yogurt and water, adding salt to taste. It is a healthy and refreshing drink especially in the hot season when it replenishes the sodium level in the body after heavy sweating.
It is particularly delicious when drunk with your preferred sandwich or snack: A healthy alternative to carbonated drinks.
* labneh also called labne, strained yogurt, yogurt dip, yogurt cheese: A middle eastern dairy product which is produced by straining the yogurt. It is a nutritious cream cheese substitute. Labneh can be enjoyed in breakfast, accompany any meal or used as a dip with crackers or bread. It is also a refreshing dip for vegetables. It has a wonderful smooth texture. Labneh has a greater portion of the nutrients in yogurt because the whey has been removed resulting in a higher concentration of calcium per volume than other dairy product.
*various cheeses.
*various juices and drinks.

All the cultured products, full-fat, half-fat and no-fat varieties contain live, active cultures composed of unique living microorganisms: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, which play an important role in human health and nutrition.

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